Providing compassionate care to those in need

Care work is often referred to more as a vocation than a job. Many will become care assistants in a bid to provide genuine help to those of limited means and, very importantly, keep them as independent and self-reliant as feasibly possible. 

Caring for people in their own homes

Key to the way in which Careline Homecare works is the principle of allowing clients to remain in their own homes. Provided the care on offer is adequate in addressing their needs, clients are generally less stressed, more comfortable and able to maintain their lifestyles, habits and hobbies to a far greater extent with home care than in residential care homes. 

A typical care assistant has a number of fairly standard roles and responsibilities to fulfil in aiding clients that are elderly, disabled or even some who’re younger and facing challenges, all in an effort to improve their overall quality of life and promote well-being.

Your care duties

The role and responsibilities of a care assistant might vary, from making daily visits to a number of clients to living with a single client, either on a short or long-term basis. 

As a care assistant, you’ll be called upon to perform a wide variety of duties, from light housework like preparing meals, tidying, cleaning and perhaps seeing to pets, to helping clients with getting dressed, going to the toilet as well as bathing. This is job at times that is not for the squeamish although one you’ll get quickly used to.

Care assistant training & getting started 

Careline accepts applicants who’re both seasoned care veterans and those entirely new to the sector. All we require are dedicated people looking to help the lives those less fortune. For first timers, Careline provides all training with a 12 week course. Those completing their training will be issued with a QCF Level 2 certificate in care 

Training runs through all the prerequisite material, from understanding your role, to communicating effectively, to administering basic life support and maintaining health and safety.