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Elderly care & reablement home care services. Part of the City & Country Healthcare Group family

Bespoke home care services

Promoting Independence

Careline Homecare works to insure our clients still maintain a sense of independence and self-sufficiency.

Bespoke Care

Care packages tailored to meet each client’s specific circumstances based on their unique needs and requirements


Taking a ‘people-first’ approach, we view our clients and their care as of primary importance

Highly-Trained Carers

Our specially-trained care assistants are specifically placed to suit each client’s individual’s requirements

Our Services

Elderly care

Becoming older doesn’t need to mean a loss of independence. Careline Homecare is a quality provider of reablement and home care services for the aged and elderly with a focus on helping clients live as normal lives as possible. Find out more about how Careline is able to assist with yours, or a loved one’s, care requirements.


With highly-trained staff on hand, our teams have years of collective experience aiding clients in getting back on their feet. Whether that’s following an accident or debilitating illness, we help them re-learning key skills with care and patience. Here’s how Careline Homecare is able to assist with that process.

Physical & Learning Disabilities

Whether physical or learning-related, Careline Homecare offers specialised care services for those requiring help. Be it in the comfort of their own home or in the community. Get in touch if either you or a family member require on-going assistance or more information on the available services on offer.

Your stories

What our clients have said…

“They are kind and caring. My main carer knows me better than the others, we have a right laugh and a joke”.

“I am so happy with her I would be proud if she had been my daughter”

CQC Report, Careline Sheffield, June’19

Join our Team

Care assistant vacancies

Care work can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s no cliche to say that being a care assistant can bring with it a considerable amount of personal satisfaction when you’re providing help to some of the most vulnerable people. As a care assistant, you’ll have the ability to make a meaningful contribution to someone’s overall well-being and see the direct results. These may be people who’re lonely, isolated, in pain or distressed. You’ll also be providing peace-of-mind to the families of those people who might not be able to be there as much as they’d like to. As a care assistant, you can bring hope, inspiration or even just company, kind words and a cup of tea to someone who needs it the most. That’s more than just a job.

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